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Oh noes zombehs

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What Exactly Is Nazi Zombies???Edit

Nazi Zombies Is a extremely addicting mini game featured in Both Call of duty World at War AND Call of duty Black ops. The Main Objective of the game is to Survive, thats right! Fight an Endless Apocolypse of Zombies Wave After Wave After Wave! Sounds Fun Right? WRONG! this game has ups and downs(im lying it is fun) from the Mysterious Random Weapon Box to the Hell Hound Rounds!(Roughly Every 5 Rounds Not always) this game wil have you yelling in Surprise, joy and fear In the one package!

The base concept of the game is to kill zombies for as long as possible, starting with nothing but a pistol with half of its full ammo capacity as well as a knife of course!, dont worry as the rounds go on your equipent get better but only through hard Work should you be rewarded.

Simply works like this:

Every time you do damage to a zombie- +10 points

Kill a zombie Regularly - + 100 points

A kill With a headshot - + 200 points

Kills with a knife - +130 points


Nuke: this will kill most of the zombies in the game at that point but at higher levels one nuke wont finish them all, because this will get rid of all of your precious kills (or possible save your life) you are awarded With +400 points (each if you are playing with others) but if you have Double Points on (dont worry i will explain double points) you will all get + 800

Double points: every point gain is know doubled for 30 seconds

Insta-kill: All damage done is an instant kill for 30 seconds Self explanatory

Carpenter: repairs all windows in the game

Spice(Fire sale): makes all random Boxes appear in every location and every time you hit it it only costs 10 points rather than 950

Death machine (Five only) gives you a mini gun with unlimited ammo for 45 seconds

Spice(Flame sale):Five only makes all teleportes lead to pack a punch machine room and make it only cost only 1000 every time rather 5000 (Great Deal!)

theres alot more two it but its basic stuff your gonna figure out yourselfs have fun!

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